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Commercial 3D Printer

Anyone ever heard of a commercial 3D printer? or you even already have one? Well, if every day we see a wide variety of forms of children’s games, it’s probably one of the products of the 3-dimensional printing technology which already owned a manufacturing factory. And indeed almost all manufacturing plants around the world are already using 3D printer technology to produce a design and prototype their products. Now there are two types of 3D printer on the market, such as 3D printers for commercial and 3D printer for personal or home use. The users type of commercial 3D printers are certainly manufacturing factories. From a variety of sources that I get, it is more profitable use of 3D printers because it has timeliness to the product design process. Even a factory using 3D printers can now trim the costs of processing their product prototype. Nike, as one well-known shoe manufacturers are using 3D printer technology for the processing of their product design.

For the home, we are actually able to get a 3D printer technology is of particular interest. However we have to spend between $ 300 – $ 2000 to get it. The problem again as home users is whether we should be a professional designer first to make a 3D product? No, because today there are a lot of 3D applications ranging from the most simple to the expert one in the market. You can find the tutorial about how to use it easily on the internet. So what are the applications for 3D printer that can we use? You can choose from Google SketchUp (Free version), AutoCad 3D (Paid version) and Solidwork (Paid version). Actual personal and commercial 3D printer will have many benefits for the home industry who produce prototype products. Although the price of this commercial 3d printer is quite expensive, but the usage of this printer can cut the workforce and accelerate the design process.

Actually 3D Printing is a term that describes the additive manufacturing process to create the model by placing successive layers of material. The manufacturing process is usually used as part of the prototype phase of product design. Technology of 3D objects from digital data was first developed by Charles Hull in 1984. He named the technique as Stereolythography and obtained a patent for the technique in 1986. After getting a patent, he founded and developed the first 3D Systems for commercial 3D Printer at that time. The 3D printer works by printing a layer of two-dimensional objects on top of another layer to produce natural three dimensional objects. Compared with natural additive manufacturing technology, 3D printers are faster, more efficient and affordable. As a conclusion, commercial 3d printer really offers great potential to support your business.

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