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HomeMade 3D Printer

In the 21st century majority of the gadgets that are available in the market can now also be made at home with the help of latest technology such as a homemade 3D printer. In the beginning the concepts of 3-D printing was not even possible but soon after the idea came into reality and now after it being sold worldwide people are actually using homemade 3D printers which are being designed just by the help of few other machines and software. Yup that’s right homemade 3D printer works just like the ones you buy in the market. A large amount of companies are even giving free tutorials on their website on homemade 3D printer.

The first question that must arise in everyone’s mind is that how much is a 3D printer cost? , well it generally takes about $500-$600 to make one these beauties at home however the time in making the 3-D home printer varies as there are a lot of technical aspects to it which you might you be to understand to some extent but you definitely need help from a friend who knows a little bit about machines just to minimize your time in making the 3-D printer. But you’re going to save approximately $900 on the same device that you would buy in the market. So how much is a 3d printer cost is totally dependent upon you, the more complex designs will definitely require greater expenditure for the equipment.

So just by spending a few extra bucks on the software you will have your very own machine in no time. Some of the famous site that I would refer in order to make your 3-D printer would be



The sites mentioned above will give you a very good idea what’s the procedure in making a 3-D printer and the objects that you would be able to produce once you’re done with the prototype with exact figures of how much is a 3D printer cost. Now of course since we all are newbies to this field it won’t be possible to make a perfect 3-D printer in the first shot but with persistence and hard work it can be done easily.

Mario brothers, Jewelry or even the Eifel tower you name it you would be able to create all these sophisticated items with in your house using your own created device. Now there are lots of 3-D printers in the market but one has caught the eye of almost every one and that is the 3D printer plastic. An American college student name Tyler McNaney blessed the tech world with an invention that took 3D printer plastic to a whole new level because now with the help of that machine you grind every day plastic which may not be even if your use and turn into readymade plastic printing material and thus maximizing the use of 3D printer plastic. The system is known as the Filabot.However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use other  materials , for enthusiasts who want create complicated designs use PLA and ABS filaments .If you want to go for even a higher complexity i.e. the metallic 3D printing you can use materials like titanium ,gold or Stainless steel. The most popular are the PLA and ABS for 3D printer plastic .These are basically thermo plastics meaning when heated they are quite flexible and when cooled down become rock solid. ABS is used by professionals who like to create different models which involve a high level of accuracy whereas PLA is mostly used schools as they can offer more vibrant colors and is environmental friendly.

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